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This is the best dip mix I’ve ever tasted! Good on chips or veggies and also slathered on bagels or baked taters!! Do stinkin good!

Holly, WA

I’ve made my own rub for ribs and Boston Butts for years. Bought the Don rub at a local Farmers Market to try. They have perfected what I’ve been trying to make. Great rub and the brown sugar doesn’t clump.

Tom, TN

We love the Big Don Rub. I’m a vegetarian and use it all the time of veggies and fries! My husband loves to mix it in with burgers.

Sara, TN

I'm a huge fan of "the Don". It's a really good rub on chicken wings or ribs.

Cary, MI

I smoke a lot of meat. This rub for pork - The Don - is amazing. Sweet but a perfect blend of super mild and awesome flavored heat.

Jim, TN

who we are

About Big Head Barbeque

Big Head Barbeque is an all-natural, small-batch-made dry rub, seasoning, and dip mix company. We take pride in leaving out preservative and additives that only take up space in a bottle to drive down costs of the producer. The flavors that you will taste when cooking with one of our products is authentic. Our specialization is in our brown sugar-based rubs. When used on the grill or smoker you will easily be able to achieve the perfect bark on your meat. Our rubs are versatile meaning they can be added to sour cream for a smoky and sweet dip or mixed with cream cheese for wonderful topping for corn or bagel. We are different than the rest because we use quality ingredients and do not sacrifice flavor for convenience of mass production.

We are most proud of how we stand behind what we believe, that people should eat real food. 

We care about how we interact with our community of customers. We want your experience with Big Head Barbeque products to be excellent. I guarantee if you give our Windy City Onion Dip or any of our rubs (The Don, Hot Stuff, Chicken Rub, Bourbon Salt Steak Rub, etc) a try you won’t be disappointed.